Radio Betty:    Four hours with free nonstop mp3 music, with tributes to Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Africa, Stabat Mater, music to art exhibitions and more, without any comments. (scroll down this site) 

NEW!! (click at the link): Concert videos with The Oratorio Martin Luther King. Soloists: Etta Cameron and Richard Boone

The none commercial radio with the unique music you have never heard before! Radio classic, Radio jazz and Radio Fusion, all for the curious listener who wants to hear some new. Choose between the classic, jazz/gospel, fusion, or our new tribute to Nelson Mandela and Africa: click at one of the radiohead dogs, or the links:

Music Videos:




NEW! New Danish Corals

Stabat Mater, Midsummer Mass and Requiem to Billie Holiday

Tribute to Martin Luther King and The Beatitudes


Music to exhibitions (modern jazz and more)

New Danish Corals (click here)

Tribute to Nelson Mandela and Africa (click here) Read the text, when you are listening!

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Look at the art of Gallery Betty


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